Bob Nudd

Cootehill Festival September 2013

This was a nearly festival for me, as I finished 2nd less than 1 kg behind my good friend Gary Whalley who finished up with a 5 day total of 85,060 kg. I had 84,200 kg and Neil Mazurek was 3rd with 81,630 kg.


The Cootehill festival is held on the lakes near the town of Cootehill, County Cavan Ireland, well organised and run by the local townspeople. It has been a regular event on the Irish calendar and always fishes well and this year was no exception.


On day one I had a tough section and finished 2nd on the lake with 6,200 kg. Day 2 was much better. I had a good peg on Bairds Shore and fished the pole at 12 mts, catching 180 roach and hybrids for 25,680 kg winning the lake and finishing 3rd overall on the day. Day 3 was also a pole day, catching 140 roach for 16,700 kg for 2nd on my lake. I was on the caravan section of Lough Sillen on day 4 and had another great day on the pole loose feeding casters with caster on the hook and winning my lake with 20,380 kg. On the last day it was Lough Sillen again this time I fished the window feeder catching skimmers and quality roach for 15,240 kg, which was not quite enough to beat Gary.




Here the picutres:


Day 1:


view from my peg first day


Day 2:


view from my peg on Bairds Shore (day 2)


cupping in (day 2)


I was soon catching on the pole (day 2)


unhooking a good hybrid (day 2)


part of my 56lb lake winning catch


Day 3:


view from my peg ( day 3)


might just be a little to big to swing (day 3)


netting a roach (day 3)


2nd on my lake on day 3 with 37lbs of roach


Day 4:


view from my peg on Lough Sillen (day 4)


day 4 was overcast with light winds


swing in a roach (day 4)


I was catching some good quality net roach (day 4)


part of my lake winning catch of 45lbs (day 4)


Day 5:


view looking down my section (day 5)


view from my peg ( day 5)


I was catching skimmers on the feeder (day 5)


unhooking a quality skimmer (day 5)


my last day catch 34lbs