Bob Nudd

Match report Gowna Festival 2012


 A brilliant 2nd day weight of 45 kg took Simon Stott to the top of the leader board. A lead which he never relinquished as he finished 1st overall with a 5 day total of 88.,450 kg, closely followed by Pete Riley who was 2nd with 86,250 kg. My pairs partner Andy Leathers put in a really consistent performance all week for a 3rd place total of 85,460 kg. I finished well down the field in 34th with 53 kg, but at least managed 2nd in the pairs competition with my partner Andy.

The Gowna festival is fished on the loughs and lakes around the Lough Gowna area in County Cavan Southern Ireland, fished over 5 days with a section rotation on 4 days and then an open draw on the last day. It’s one of the largest festivals in the Sothern Irish match fishing calendar. Some new sections were in this year. The fishing was great and the pegging perfect. Match organiser Andy Bettison knows how to run a great match. This year 76 anglers were competing in a closely fought contest

I drew one of the new lakes on the first day and made a big mistake fishing the pole when I should have been on the feeder finishing with just under 12 kg, Pete Riley won the day from Killykeen with 39,050 kg.

On day 2 I was at Tessa’s on peg 5 it was a windy day and I just fished feeder at 25 mts catching skimmers and bream for a 11,480 kg total. Simon Stott won the day with the biggest weekly single catch of 45,060 kg.

Killeykeen was my 3rd day draw and I drew in a good area but the bream had gone, but I still had an enjoyable day catching mostly hybrids on the feeder for a 13,720 kg total. D Fairhurst won the day with 27,850 kg.

Corfree was my 4th day draw and I fished mainly only the pole catching roach, hybrids and perch for just under 9 kg. Tony Hopkins won the day from the grassy bank at Killykeen with 26,250 kg of roach.

I drew Tessa’s again on Friday catching just over 7 kg on a combination of pole and feeder. Andy Leathers won the last day onC section with 23,300 kg fishing the feeder at 30 mts.


Here are some pictures: 

Day 1

view from my day 1

swinging in a small roach day 1

my first day catch just under 12 kg

Day 2

view from my peg at Tessa’s day 2

netting a skimmer day 2

my day 2 catch 11,.500 kg

Day 3:

it was a day on the feeder day 3

a bream comes to the net day 3

Day 4:

view from my peg at Corfree day 4

cupping in chopped worms and maggots day 4

swinging in a small hybrid day 4

loose feeding helped keep the fish feeding day 4

I was catching small fish on the pole day 4

Day 5:

view from my peg day 5

netting a big hybrid day 5

my day 5 catch just over 7 kg