Bob Nudd

Match report Arvagh Festival 2012


The Arvagh Festival is fished over 5 days in and around the loughsand lakes of the Arvagh area in County Cavan Southern Ireland. This year 67 anglers were competing on a section rotation basis with an open draw on the last day.

Wayne Easter came out an easy winner with a very consistent 5 day performance to total 79,090 kg. Kevin Johnston is a regular Irish Festival angler and is never far out of the main list, this year his 73,850 total was enough for 2nd place, running him very close for 3rd place was Tony Hopkins with 72,770 kg. I had just an average week finishing about halfway with 44,940 kg.

My first day draw was on Upper Gulladoo. I started catching well on the pole but then the last 3 hours were quite difficult and I had to switch between feeder and pole, but still managed just over 11 kg to finish 3rd on the lake. Wayne Easter won the day from Glasshouse lake with 18,100.

Kevin’s Shore on Lough Gowna was my 2nd day draw. The pegging here was brilliant with about 50 mts between pegs and although the strong wind made pole fishing difficult, there was still enough bites to keep me interested and I finished winning the lake with just over 100 fish for 12,480 kg. Glasshouse was again the top lake with my fishing friend Kevin Ashurst coming out on top with a brilliant 25 kg of roach on the pole.

It was another pole day for me on day 3. Conditions were perfect with just a light westerly wind. The fish here are quite small so I had a busy time catching 180 fish for 11 kg for another lake win. Kevin Rowles won the day from Glasshouse lake with 21,500.

Corfree was my day 4 draw. It had been the worst lake all week and today was the same, it was very windy and I could only fish the pole in short spells. It was very difficult and I finished 2nd on the lake with 6 kg. Simon Stott won the day with 25,780 kg.

I was hoping for a good lake draw on the last day but it was not to be, I was back on Corfree again, conditions were perfect for the pole but there was not many fish and I could only manage 4 kg. Tony Hopkins won the day with 24,630 kg.


Here are the pictures:

Day 1:

view from my peg on Upper Gulladoo day 1

my setup day 1

Day 2:

view from my peg at Rossduff day 2

Day 3:

view from my peg at Rockfield lake day 3

shipping back day 3

just about to net a skimmer day 3

I was catching lots of small fish day 3

my lake winning catch day 3

Day 4:

view from my peg at Corfree day 4

hooking into a good fish day 4

a big hybrid comes to the net day 4

Day 5:

view from my peg at Corfree day 5

cupping in day 5

getting ready with the net day 5