Bob Nudd

Match report Cootehill angling festival 2012


As usual this was a well organised event the local residents most of them non anglers do a brilliant job, with 100 anglers fishing over 5 days on a section rotation basis.

A. Pollard came out on top with 71,410 kg just in front of second placed angler Neil Mazurek who totalled 68,430 kg. A. Faulkenerwas 3rd with 61,930 kg. I finished 17th overall with 42,710 kg. My team (Van den Eynde) consisting of Gary Whalley, Barry Smith and myself won the 3 man team event with over 137 kg.

On the first day I was on Annagheiran lake. It looked perfect for catching on the pole but despite the fact that roach were topping they did not feed. I only caught in the last 2 hours fishing for skimmers and bream at 50 mts with a window feeder, weighing just under 6 kg which was enough to win my section. A. Faulkner won the day with 18,200 kg.

On the 2nd day I was drawn on Bairds shore. It was very windy but I managed to fish the pole all day at 11.5 mts catching 109 fish for 9,140 kg, including a bonus tench which was enough to win the lake. A .Price won the day with 21,200 kg.

Mullanary was my 3rd day draw. It had been fishing well for roach and today was no exception. I started on the feeder at 30 mts and was catching well. A switch to the pole after 2 hours produced some fish but they did not stay and I had to switch back to the feeder and finished with just over 100 fish for 12,600 kg. Steve Sadler won the day with 20,100 kg.

I had a great 4th day on the pole on the caravan park shore of Lough Sillan, catching a mixture of small and quality roach to win my section with 9,480 kg. A. Pollard won the day with 15,850 kg.

The last day was really tough for me. I was on Lough Sillan again but could only manage 5,600 kg a mixture of pole and feeder fishing. Neil Mazurek won the day with 19,140 kg.


Here some pictures:

Day 1:

view from my peg on day 1

it rained all day

a small bream comes to the net

Day 2:

view from my peg on Bairds Shore

balling in

swinging in a small roach

netting my tench

my day 2 catch

this 3lb tench helped me win the lake

Day 3:

view from my peg

balling in

can only just lift this one

I had to fish the feeder to keep the fish coming

the Browning window feeder is brilliant for catching roach quickly

my day 3 catch

Day 4:

view from my peg on Lough Sillan

over 9 kg of roach to win the section

Day 5:

view from my peg

a small roach comes to hand

at last a quality fish