Bob Nudd

Tenerife – Red Hot Pegs


A real life drama developed before my eyes while fishing from the rocks in the harbour entrance at Purto Colon Las Americas. I was catching quite well on the pole when suddenly there was a loud explosion. I looked up to see part of a boat opposite flying through the air and a women making a hasty exit up a wall ladder. 


            the fire just starting  – fire just starting to take hold 

At first it was just a small amount of black smoke and a few small flames. Then the fire quickly took hold as the boat drifted away from the dock. All efforts to put out the flames by Jet Skiers and a hose from a large Catamaran were not working and it was not until the Fire Brigade arrived and used foam that the flames were finally put out. 


now it’s really burning 

Where do you think they towed the boat to so they could reach it with their foam – the petrol station of course!!!!




Here some more pictures: 


not a good place for a fire close to a petrol station


the boat is drifting and a jet sky helps to put out the flames


panic all around in an effort to put out the flames


it’s getting close to me now think I will move soon


yes I am going to move it might expload


I was worried the petrol station might go up