Bob Nudd

RN&RM Coaching Day Decoy Lakes July 2nd 2013

John with part of his 142lbs winning catch


The secretary of the Royal Navy / Royal Marine match team John Harvey had arranged a coaching day for some of the team members. Decoy lakes near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire was the chosen venue. They had all fished here before and we all agreed this must be one of the best commercial fisheries in the country.


Scouse with his first fish a beautiful 4lb barbel


Elm lake is always a good choice as it is full of quality barbel and carp. Pole was the chosen method, loose feeding with 4mm Van Den Eynde hard feed carp pellets with a banded 6mm pellet on the hook. All the anglers where catching really well. John and Stuart Hathaway were fishing on the bottom at about 11mts, while Scouse Jones and Paul Jackson were fishing in the deep margins about 1.5 mts from the bank.


Paul with a 6lb ghost koy


It was so good that there were periods when all of them had a fish on at the same time. In the afternoon John switched to fishing up in the water and was catching F1’s very quickly. They had decided to have a 5 hour friendly match. At the weigh in John was the winner with 141lbs 14 ounces. Scouse was second with 131lbs 2 ounces, Paul 3rd with 125lbs 7 ounces and Stuart not far behind with 118lbs 9 ounces. A great result for all of them.






Some more pictures:


Stuart with a rare 7lb golden koy


a 6lb mirror carp in perfect condition


Scouse was 2nd on the day with 131lbs


some serious elastic stretching




hard work this fishing


Stuart caught just under 120lbs


John hooks into a big fish


John with a 4lb barbel