Bob Nudd

Pellets of the month April – Van Den Eynde Jellets (Natural)


big bream love Jellets

Jellets are a fantastic soft hooker pellet and are robust enough to be used with waggler or feeder as well as pole. They come in various flavors and ooze fish attracting oils. One of my favorites is called Natural. It’s great for F1’s, carp, tench and big bream.


Van Den Eynde Jelly Pellets Natural front and back

The pack has a special resealing top. Just take a few out of the pack at a time to ensure they don’t dry out and then reseal. A size 16 hook is perfect. Just bury it inside the pellet. The Jellet can be fished on or off bottom.

Natural Jellets are great for big tench

great catch of F1’s caught on Natural Jellets