Bob Nudd

Waterways Ireland Classic 2013

Peter Vasey – London overall winner 1


The cold spring kept the weights lower than normal, but this is always a brilliant match with lots of drama. Coming out on top after 3 days of tough competition was Peter Vasey who totalled 39,510 kg to finish well clear of 2nd placed angler Kevin Rowles who had 32,250 kg, Steven Priestley was 3rd with 28,100 kg.


Kevin Rowles – Devizes 2nd overall


I had a really tough competition, only catching just over 5 kg on day 2 which was my best weight of the week. My overall total was just under 7 kg which placed me 112th out of the 218 anglers competing.






Here some pictures:


view from my peg at Cornagrade 16 1st day


fish were so rare I netted everything


I caught for a short spell on the pole (day 1)


view from my peg at Crom on the river Erne (day 2)


I was catching some quality hybrids on the feeder (day 2)


my day 2 catch just over 5 kg