Bob Nudd

Arvagh Festival September 2013

Less than 1 kg separated the top 3 anglers in what was a brilliant festival, with Simon Stott finishing 1st with 75,110 kg. Graham Frith was only grams behind to finish 2nd with 74,660 kg. Andy Leathers had led for most of the week but was overtaken on the last day and finished 3rd with 74,150 kg.




The Arvagh festival is fished on the lakes close to the town of Arvagh in County Cavan, Ireland. This year 80 anglers were competing, as always the pegging and organisation was perfect.




I had only an average week winning my section on 2 days and finishing in 21st place.






Here some pictures:


Day 1




balling in at 5 mts (day 1)


my day 1 catch 6 kg


Day 2:



I was feeding a small ball of groundbait (day 2)


swinging in a roach (day 2)


my day 2 catch 9,900 kg


Day 3:


view from my peg on Nigels Shore (day 3)


netting a good roach (day 3)


my section winning catch 17,200 kg (day 3)


Day 4:


view from my peg on Dernaferst North (day 4)


my day 4 catch 10,800 kg


Day 5:


view from my peg on Lower Gulladoo (day 5)


I was catching roach on the pole (day 5)


12,890 kg to win my section (day 5)