Bob Nudd

Horseshoes open Festival September 2013

Mark Silman came out just on top in what was a really close festival, finishing only 250 grams in front of Tommo with a 5 day total of 68,450 kg. My friend Barry Smith was 3rd with 67,670 kg and I was 5th with 62,120 kg.


The Horseshoes festival is held in and around the lakes and rivers in the Enniskillen area of Northern Ireland. Some of the sections fished really well. There was just a few days of wild weather which kept the weights down. 50 anglers were competing this year. I had an up and down match finishing 2nd overall on 2 days, but then some lower weights on the other 3 days.




Here the pictures:


Day 2:


view from my peg at Killadeas (day) 2)


just part of my section winning 46lbs (day 2)



Day 3:


view from my peg at the Airport section lower Lough Erne (day 3)



Day 4:


section on day 4 the waves were more than 1ft high


the window feeder worked well in the rough conditions day 4)


must be cold my hood is up (day 4)


I was catching small roach on the feeder (day 4)



Day 5:


view from my peg on Church Shore day 5


balling in (day 5)


just about calm enough to use the pole (day 5)


swinging in a 6ozs roach (day 5)


I was catching some good hybrids (day 5)


part of my 38lb catch (day 5)