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Neil Clayton Masterclass Day Decoy Lakes


brilliant catch Neil

brilliant catch Neil

This was a special Christmas present from Neil’s wife Janet, the wonderful Decoy lakes near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire was the chosen venue, Diane the owner had kindly allowed Neil to use keepnets.

Neil with his first fish

Neil with his first fish

It was a warm morning with a moderate westerly wind. Most of the lakes were free today so I opted to fish on Elm.

the action was nonstop

The action was nonstop

Neil loves fishing the waggler. It can be a good method if you can manage to avoid the line bites. Hookbait was a banded 6mm hard feed carp pellet, loose feeding with 4mm pellets. After 3 missed bites which were probably liners the float dipped and the 12ft Drennan float rod arched round as a big carp was hooked. From then on it was almost nonstop as carp, F1’s and even barbel came to the net. One or two big fish were lost but I think they were foul hooked.

a beautiful 3lb barbel

A beautiful 3lb barbel


We left the bank at about 4pm. Neil had caught about 120lbs of fish – one of the best waggler weights I have seen here.




Here the pictures:

 a good carp comes to the net

A good carp comes to the net

 an 8 lb mirror carp

An 8 lb mirror carp

 almost in the net

Almost in the net

a 4lb common carp

A 4lb common carp

 the carp fight hard here

The carp fight hard here

a 5lb mirror carp

A 5lb mirror carp